IP Address:

Country:     United States
Region:     Virginia
City:     Ashburn
ISP:     Amazon.com
Organization:     Amazon.com
Latitude:     39.0437
Longitude     -77.4875

What is an IP Address?

Each and every device that connects to the interet will be assigned a unique identifier called an IP (Internet Protocol) Address. Most IP addresses are assigned to internet service providers in blocks which are usually grouped together by region. People can use IP addresses to identify the country and city that a device is using to connect to the internet.

Static IP addresses are never changing. A device will always use the same address every time a connection to the internet is made. Static IP addresses location is common with business connections and cable broadband connections. Dynamic IP addresses will change every time the device establishes a connection to the internet. Dynamic IP addresses are often used for dial up connections and DSL internet connections.

What is my IP address Location?

Based on your IP address, you can often identify the exact location a device is connecting to the internet from. Anytime you connect to a website your IP can be stored in logs which webmasters often review to see where traffic is coming from.